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  • How to register for Vietlink Long-Distance service?
    Please call us at 1.604.676.1478 we'll be more than happy to assist you with the sign up. We just need your phone number and payment information and you should be on your way in less than 10 minutes. Our staffs are professional and polite, they will answer any question you may have.
  • How do I make a call through Vietlink Long-Distance service?
    After you have signed up with us, our agent will provide you with 1 or 2 access phone number which are "local number" from your calling are, you just make a local call to one of our locall access number and follow the voice prompt to make a call. For prepaid customers, the system IVR will announce your balance then ask you enter the destination number you wish to dial. For postpaid customer, you will ask to enter the destination number immediately. Please remember to diall 011 in front of the number. For example if you are dialling to Vietname you will need to enter 011 84 88997241. If you are dialing to Canada, USA and the Caribean Countries, you do not require to dial 011.
  • How do i make a payment to Vietlink?
    You can make a payment to Vietlink by visiting any of the Canadian well known banks let them know that you want to make a payment to Vietlink Communication Inc. (Vancouver). They will ask for your account phone or account number and process your payment accordingly. Alternatively you can make a payment with your credit card. Just call us at 1.604.676.1478 and one of our customer representative will be able to process the paymen for you.
  • Can i make call in areas that Vietlink doesn't have a local access number?
    Yes, if your phone service provider enable you to dial to any of Vietlink's access number without getting charged for longdistance rates, you can make a call to our access number directly. Please check with your phone company before making this decision. Vietlink cannot be responsible for longdistance charges apply to you by your local phone company. You can also access our service via 1800 service which require an additional cost. Our 1800 access number is 1888 xxx xxxx.
  • Is there any connection fee to use Vietlink service?
    No, absolutely not. If the calls are not connected, you will not be charge.
  • Is there a monthly fee for Vietlink Service?
    No, we do not charge any monthly or maintaince fee. However, if you are a postpaid customer, there will be a small "invoice fee" to cover our cost for postage and printing materials.
  • How does Vietlink bill for call duration?
    We charge calls base on 1 minute increment. You only pay for the actual minute that you use. We absolutely do not charge FALSE billing like others.
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