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Do I need to pay anything upfront?

Yes We charge a nominal fee once the learner is selected for a cohort. The fee is fully refunded once we get you a job.


Good question We believe that the current ISA model is broken. We want to bring about parity where the interests of all stakeholders are considered - the learner, the talent manufacturing company, the recruitement partner and the loan provider. Thus your fee is NOT linked to a percentage of your salary. We charge a flat fee of Rs 1,50,000 irrespective of your salary range. This we believe is a fair way to charge rather than connect it with a percentage of salary earned. We will be extremely proud if you grow in your career, treat us to a beer if you get a higher salary :-)

Is there an entry criteria to get into your bootcamp?


Our entry criteria exists for all our cohorts, we ensure that ONLY learners who qualify have the ability to complete the programme. This is strictly enforced across all our bootcamps

The entry criteria not only takes into account educational qualifications but also your ability to convince our admission team that you are serious about completing the programme, your educational qualifications, your interests and why you would like to be a part of our cohort -

All the above will count towards your admission score.

Is the bootcamp deposit refundable?

if the learner is not able to clear the assessments, exams in Phase 1 of our 2 month course - we will refund the entire fee. If the learner goes onto Phase 2 of our 2 month course then there is no refund.

How much do I need to pay after getting a job through MCAP?

We charge a fixed fee of Rs 1,50.000.

Your fee is NOT linked to how much you earn or your potential to earn.

Once you join you are a part of the Millionlights family and your success is our goal. We wil not tie you down to irrational legal agreements. You be fair to us and we will be fair to you.

We want you to make a highe salary and create a better life for you and your family

What is MCAP?

Pronounced Em Cap

MCAP is our ecosystem that connects learners, hiring companies and talent creating companies.

There is an urgent need for talent in the global markets, we produce that talent and deserving candidates are given an opportunity to interview with the best Indian tech and non tech majors

Who is your loan partner in India?

We have partnered with Eduvanz for all loans. We work closely with their team to give opportunities to as many learners that come into our platform.

What happens if the learner is not able to get a job

This will be unfortunate to say the least.

Apart from the nominal cohort fees, we will not charge you anything additional.

What salary can your partners offer after completing your bootcamp?

We only work with very select partners in India. We ensure that their salary range is above than the median and its a great place to work as well. 1. New Entrant Salary Range:- 3.6 Lakhs and above CTC. 2. Lateral Hire Salary Range:- 8 lakhs and above CTC. There maybe market corrections that we are unable to forecast but the above is the thumbrule of all our partners

What is the experience of Millionlights in running bootcamps?

We do this for a living - we run multiple bootcamps in the UK and other countries for various tech and non tech majors. Our success rate for train to hire is in the high 90's and we know how to skill a learner and make them better suited to be hired